At Davis Nutrition we took all the hard work out of searching for quality products and we created a line of supplements that are 100% made in the manufactured right here in USA. In addition, each and every supplement we developed is made in USDA and FDA certified facilities. We didn't stop there when it came to quality assurances. We wanted to be sure everything was pure and it stayed that way. Therefore each and every one our products is 3 party tested for purity, quality and consistency. That means we have an independent company comes in and randomly tests our products as they come out of production to make sure first that they are free of any contaminants that are often found in lesser brands made cheaply in third world locations and that there is complete consistency with all of our products. 97% of all nutritional products made in the world today do not live up to these strict standards we have for all of our products . Quality, consistency and purity matters when it comes to your nutritional supplements.

Davis Nutrition

I created Davis Nutrition to make the supplement buying process easier. With over 20 years in practice and advising thousands of patients in advanced clinical nutrition, there were certain barriers I found kept people from taking supplements regularly. All too often people are ordering one supplement online and still going to one or more different stores to find high quality nutritional products. It was also hard for people to know who to trust for quality and consistency because many products on the market today are mass produced in countries on the other side of the world in facilities that do not live up to the high standards you would expect for a product you will be consuming daily.

In addition we made the process of getting your supplements even easier by having a monthly nutritional subscription . Each and every month your supplements arrive at your door without you even having to remember to go to the store. Long gone are the days of running out of your core supplements. Exactly 1 month supply of our high quality supplements will be automatically billed and sent to you with your subscription. Dr. Davis

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  • Phenylalanine

    L-Phenylalanine L-phenylalanine is an essential amino acid. It is the only form of phenylalanine found in proteins. Major dietary sources of L-phenylalanine include meat, fish, eggs, cheese, and milk.

  • vitamin

    Vitamin B6 Vitamin B₆ refers to a group of chemically similar compounds which can be interconverted in biological systems. Vitamin B₆ is part of the vitamin B group of essential nutrients. Its active form, pyridoxal 5′-phosphate, serves as a coenzyme in some 100 enzyme reaction

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